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    On Prom and Cat the Ripper…

    My middle son went to Prom last night. This was my second foray in the tuxedo renting, dress color matching, flower buying, photo taking high school ritual. He’ll get another chance next year, when he’s a senior, and that one will make me feel even older because it will be *his* prom. And then there will be that whole graduating thing, which I’m choosing not to think about today.

    I rented a lens for the occasion – the 24-70L II – and it’s very nice. I could get used to having this on my camera all the time. It’s a great “walking around” lens, but ouch levels of expensive, so I’ll have to settle for renting. I get to enjoy it for another week and I might extend the rental a little bit. I could always sell my 24-105L, but that wouldn’t even get me half of what I’d need to buy the other one. i would love to make the switch one of these days. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something.

    The new kitten has firmly established her place in the household. She is an absolute shit, but is so completely adorable about it that we love her anyway. Even the big cat is coming around. Sort of. Or maybe she’s just found a way to take out all her kitten-related aggression and frustration. In the last week, we’ve found 5 bird murder victims on the patio, another 3 or 4 in the back yard, plus a couple of field mouse fatalities. I think that classifies it as a “spree”. My cat is a serial killer.

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    Bad at Blogging

    Yes, I’m bad at blogging. We’ve established this. Let’s skip all the promises to be better, blah blah, and move along to the new stuff, shall we?

    So, I’ve acquired this asshole.


    I know, I know, she looks cute and cuddly and adorable. She is all those things. She’s also DETERMINED to be filthy all the time. ALL THE TIME. She can’t seem to navigate the litter box and steps in her own poop every single time. Then, immediately after I clean her up, she jumps right back in. If she does manage to stay poop free for a few minutes, she will submerge her entire head into the cat food (the soft kind, with the really stinky “gravy”). Did I mention that she really likes to cuddle with me after she does these things? Oh, she does. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m her mother and should groom her clean or something. So, I bathe her and we start the cycle all over again.


    I found her at work. Her mother abandoned her last week. She seems to be about a month old and didn’t understand eating solid food the first couple of days, hence the soft food. She definitely has it down now, though. The dog is completely enamored. The other cat, not so much. She still needs a name. Somehow, poopfoot doesn’t seem very feminine, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something appropriate.

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    Long Weekend

    So, I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off work and giving myself a long weekend. I will probably not get anything done around the house, so lets just talk about this photo to distract me from my inevitable failure as a housekeeper.

    This is my chair. Its red and over-sized and comfy. When I sit down at home, this is where I do it. Behind it, is a light stand and an umbrella and other assorted junk that’s not tall enough to see…thank god. The chair lives in my office, which is not very large, but is all mine. And it really needs to be dusted. Hey! There’s a project for my long weekend.

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    Near Death Experiece…shut up, it could have been.

    So, today, on one of my many trips to town, I almost died. Actually, if I’m being accurate, it was on the way home from one of said trips. I live on a windy, county road. It has a ridiculous speed limit of 35 mph. I don’t usually follow this speed limit because its fun to drive my car too fast around all those curves. HOWEVER! I do slow down as I’m coming up to the stop sign at the end of the road and I always stay in my own lane. Seriously. I don’t text or check my phone or anything. I know the road is dangerous and curvy, so I pay attention.

    Anyway, back to the story.

    I was driving home from town and I turned onto the curvy, windy road of doom and this little red car with this little, underage girl driving it was in the other lane, coming towards me. And then, she was IN MY LANE. Completely. All the way in my lane. So, my brain goes, “hey, there’s a car coming directly at us. What the hell? Ok, we have two choices. We can let her head-on collision the shit out of us, or was can t-bone the fuck out of this truck over here waiting at a stop sign and generally obeying all the traffic laws. What do you think?” I think the t-boning is the best course of action and just as I’m ready to turn the wheel, the stupid, texting child in the red car flings herself back into her lane and avoids the accident altogether. This all happened in about 5 seconds. The shaking adrenaline rush lasting quite a bit longer. This was not an enjoyable part of my day.

    It’s really pretty cool how fast your brain works in cases like this. My brain is pretty slow most of the time, but it really came through for me today. Yay brain! You’re awesome. Sometimes. Ok, this once. Mostly you’re a pile of mush that won’t turn off when I need you to, but today you might have saved my life. Good job.

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    See? This is why I don’t promise to update regularly. I am shit at it. I did manage to get those family photos, though. Me, included. Be amazed, be very amazed.

    I’ve spent the last 3 months doing absolutely nothing new. I guess that’s ok. I’m pretty lazy and excitement takes energy that I just don’t have. I’ve been off work for the last week and a half and I’ve slept way more than is probably necessary. Today, I finally managed to get the christmas decorations taken down and boxed up. After that, I really wanted to take a nap, but I didn’t. I’m proud of myself.

    Since its the new year, I’m feeling a little bit introspective. I’m not good at keeping resolutions, so I don’t make formal ones. I would like to just put more effort into things in general this year. I want to read more. I really want to take more photos. I want to write more. And I need to exercise. All these things require effort. I think it will make me happier and that’s always a good goal to have.

    I haven’t made much progress on this whole “effort” front, so far. I did cook tonight, so I’m counting that. Homemade meatballs and spaghetti, sauce from a jar because I’m a cheater like that and a salad. Oh, and I guess I’m writing, too. And holy shit, I read a book yesterday! I’m doing better than I thought.

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    On Malaria and Tax Dollars

    This is the part where I make grand promises to update with more regularity, but you know what? Fuck that. I might update, but I probably won’t, or maybe I’ll update for a while and then slack off again. As I get older, I’m figuring out that I’m pretty much too tired to make promises and why set myself up for failure, anyway? Perfect. Glad we’re on the same page.

    I’m finally feeling more or less human after a 4 day bout with malaria. It could have been something less sinister (like a cold), but let’s just go with malaria. I’m not sick very often, so I like to get the most bang for my buck possible. All I’ve done the last four days is whine, drink tea and watch Dr. Who. Well, I also went to work because who wants to use a sick day when you’re actually sick, but mostly it was tea, whining and the doctor. I don’t know how I managed to not watch this before now. I mean, I watched way back in the 70s/early 80s when I was a kid, but this new one is great! I’m almost to the end of season 2 and I have a very bad feeling about Rose.

    I’m waiting on the weather to finally cool off so I can herd the children out for a photo shoot. I haven’t taken real pictures of them in a while. I haven’t taken real pictures of anything in a while, actually. I’ve been very bad about getting my camera out of the bag this summer. I took photos on vacation, but that’s basically it. What I really need to do is get batteries for the remote and take some family shots. With me in them. I know. I’m not crazy about the idea of it, either, but still. There’s not much photographic proof of my existence out there, so I should probably remedy that. I just like the back of the camera so much better than the front.

    Time for working. I have school lunch menus and high school drama programs to print today. Someone has to spend the tax money.

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    Yes, its summer. July in Texas, if you will. If I’m being perfectly honest, the weather this week has been pretty fucking mild for Texas. In July. That still doesn’t make it a good time for the a/c to crap out. There are strange men in my backyard and my attic right this very minute installing things that will make my house hospitable again. They can’t do this fast enough for me. It’s hot. So hot.