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Spring Photos

There’s an abandoned street in my neighborhood that’s blocked by gates at both ends. It looks like the developers built a street and planned for more houses, but never got any further. You can easily get around the gate at one end, so I decided to have a little photoshoot.

Edgy in Blue

My daughter is a good sport when it comes to my photography whims. We have a lot of fun picking outfits and coming up with poses. Honestly, we spend so much time laughing and goofing around that I’m surprised I make any decent pictures.

Pile of Hepatitis

My main goal with this shoot was to play around with backlighting. There’s a speedlight on the ground behind her in most of these shots. I’m triggering it wirelessly, trying to get a glowy effect. I still need to work on it because none of these have what I was going for. I’m happy with what I made here, it’s just not exactly what I wanted. That’s normally the case with me and my creative endeavors. I usually like what I end up with, it’s just rarely what I planned.

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