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Spring Cleaning

I have been so productive. After several long, dusty hours and an embarrassing number of large trash bags, I have successfully marie kondo’d the shit out of my closet.

Look at all this joy.

I replaced the random boxes and stacks of junk with some pretty bins that hide all my random stacks of junk. It’s awesome. I’ll go ahead and admit that I had three boxes on the floor from when we moved into this house – 8 years ago. There was a lot to throw away, but I did find a bunch of old pictures (unironic reflection portraits from the 70s, anyone?) and a scrapbook I made in high school that my daughter had a good time making fun of.

I still have too many shoes.

I organized my giant pile of shoes to a slightly smaller pile of shoes, now organized on shelves! It’s pretty great. Honestly, I’m just impressed with myself for doing any of this at all. I guess I can thank the rainy day for making me bored enough to start this project.

I do have a little bit left to do. Conveniently cropped out is the very top shelf over the shoes. I have a box full of purses to go through. I’ll probably chunk most of them and get some more pretty baskets or bins for the rest.

It’s been a very successful and productive spring break. I’m even writing this post from my clean patio. Now, I get to slack off until Monday morning.

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