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Spring Break

I have a bunch of projects I want to get done this week, but instead of doing any of them, here’s an artsy photo of the dog.

Spring forward is a bitch like me.

No, actually, I did get something done, yesterday. We have this catch-all cubby thing by the door that comes in from the garage. When the kids were all in school, they each had a place for their backpack/assorted important school papers that ended up wadded up in the back. It never really worked like i wanted it to because we are not organized people.

Over the years, as all but one graduated and moved on from backpacks and crumpled homework papers, it turned into an eyesore of a shelf full of junk that never got thrown away. Muddy boots? Put them in the cubby. Box full of allen wrenches from some flatpack furniture? Cubby. Four pairs of really expensive water shoes that we bought at Hurricane Harbor and only wore that once? Yeah, I can’t toss $80 worth of shoes no one will ever need again, put them in the cubby. You get the picture.

The top of this shelf was covered in keys, change, and everything else that accumulates in pockets and need a place to live. It was a mess. I had a couple of plastic bowls that I attempted to contain the clutter, but they weren’t big enough and were always over-filled.

Look at me, all pinterest worthy.

So, I clean it all out yesterday and bought some fabric bins to hide/decorate the things I kept. I also got some new, much nicer looking, bowls for the top to keep keys and other pocket leavings.

It looks so much better.

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