I’m Not Tidy

I’m watching this Very Special Episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It looks sad, but here at the beginning, it’s pretty funny watching this lady talk slow and gesture wildly to tiny, Japanese Marie Kondo, even though there’s a translator right there.

Not Pictured: Giant pile of shoes on the floor.

I should do some tidying up of my own, but the thought of piling all my clothes up on the bed is scary. I could be crushed. I already know I have a lot (too many) clothes and I have no desire to see it all stacked up in one place. I totally get the idea behind it, though. Maybe that can be a spring break project.

The books and papers part is a different animal, altogether. I’m a book and paper packrat. I am so seriously sentimental about notes and books and handwritten things. I have a box of old letters that go back to when I was in 7th or 8th grade. And I need all my books.

I like watching shows like this because it makes me feel better about my own clutter and mess. See? I’m just like everyone else! Some of these people are worse than me! It’s awesome. And then I clean things. Win/win!! (Except that closet. I’m not cleaning that.)

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