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On Prom and Cat the Ripper…

My middle son went to Prom last night. This was my second foray in the tuxedo renting, dress color matching, flower buying, photo taking high school ritual. He’ll get another chance next year, when he’s a senior, and that one will make me feel even older because it will be *his* prom. And then there will be that whole graduating thing, which I’m choosing not to think about today.

I rented a lens for the occasion – the 24-70L II – and it’s very nice. I could get used to having this on my camera all the time. It’s a great “walking around” lens, but ouch levels of expensive, so I’ll have to settle for renting. I get to enjoy it for another week and I might extend the rental a little bit. I could always sell my 24-105L, but that wouldn’t even get me half of what I’d need to buy the other one. i would love to make the switch one of these days. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something.

The new kitten has firmly established her place in the household. She is an absolute shit, but is so completely adorable about it that we love her anyway. Even the big cat is coming around. Sort of. Or maybe she’s just found a way to take out all her kitten-related aggression and frustration. In the last week, we’ve found 5 bird murder victims on the patio, another 3 or 4 in the back yard, plus a couple of field mouse fatalities. I think that classifies it as a “spree”. My cat is a serial killer.

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