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Near Death Experiece…shut up, it could have been.

So, today, on one of my many trips to town, I almost died. Actually, if I’m being accurate, it was on the way home from one of said trips. I live on a windy, county road. It has a ridiculous speed limit of 35 mph. I don’t usually follow this speed limit because its fun to drive my car too fast around all those curves. HOWEVER! I do slow down as I’m coming up to the stop sign at the end of the road and I always stay in my own lane. Seriously. I don’t text or check my phone or anything. I know the road is dangerous and curvy, so I pay attention.

Anyway, back to the story.

I was driving home from town and I turned onto the curvy, windy road of doom and this little red car with this little, underage girl driving it was in the other lane, coming towards me. And then, she was IN MY LANE. Completely. All the way in my lane. So, my brain goes, “hey, there’s a car coming directly at us. What the hell? Ok, we have two choices. We can let her head-on collision the shit out of us, or was can t-bone the fuck out of this truck over here waiting at a stop sign and generally obeying all the traffic laws. What do you think?” I think the t-boning is the best course of action and just as I’m ready to turn the wheel, the stupid, texting child in the red car flings herself back into her lane and avoids the accident altogether. This all happened in about 5 seconds. The shaking adrenaline rush lasting quite a bit longer. This was not an enjoyable part of my day.

It’s really pretty cool how fast your brain works in cases like this. My brain is pretty slow most of the time, but it really came through for me today. Yay brain! You’re awesome. Sometimes. Ok, this once. Mostly you’re a pile of mush that won’t turn off when I need you to, but today you might have saved my life. Good job.

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