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Spring in Hot Springs

On Wednesday, I took a day trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas for the purpose of portrait taking. It’s about a 2 hour drive, so its a good location when I’m tired of local backgrounds. With me were my oldest and his girlfriend and my youngest and her oh so very tired feet. To be fair, we did a lot of walking. Honestly, though, you’d think I’d tire out first since I’m old, but no. The kids don’t have nearly as much energy as I do.

In addition to photos, we toured a bath house (Hot Springs is known for this – there are natural springs there with a temperature of 143f, hence the name) and learned that lots of the bath treatments were therapy for syphilis. Fun! Also, turn of the century massage therapy instruments look very concerning. The whole place had a very haunted feel. It was cool.

Before we left, we treated ourselves to cupcakes from a bakery called Fat Bottomed Girls. Appropriate. I had lemon and lavender. It was excellent.

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