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    Spring Break

    I have a bunch of projects I want to get done this week, but instead of doing any of them, here’s an artsy photo of the dog.

    Spring forward is a bitch like me.

    No, actually, I did get something done, yesterday. We have this catch-all cubby thing by the door that comes in from the garage. When the kids were all in school, they each had a place for their backpack/assorted important school papers that ended up wadded up in the back. It never really worked like i wanted it to because we are not organized people.

    Over the years, as all but one graduated and moved on from backpacks and crumpled homework papers, it turned into an eyesore of a shelf full of junk that never got thrown away. Muddy boots? Put them in the cubby. Box full of allen wrenches from some flatpack furniture? Cubby. Four pairs of really expensive water shoes that we bought at Hurricane Harbor and only wore that once? Yeah, I can’t toss $80 worth of shoes no one will ever need again, put them in the cubby. You get the picture.

    The top of this shelf was covered in keys, change, and everything else that accumulates in pockets and need a place to live. It was a mess. I had a couple of plastic bowls that I attempted to contain the clutter, but they weren’t big enough and were always over-filled.

    Look at me, all pinterest worthy.

    So, I clean it all out yesterday and bought some fabric bins to hide/decorate the things I kept. I also got some new, much nicer looking, bowls for the top to keep keys and other pocket leavings.

    It looks so much better.

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    I’m Not Tidy

    I’m watching this Very Special Episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It looks sad, but here at the beginning, it’s pretty funny watching this lady talk slow and gesture wildly to tiny, Japanese Marie Kondo, even though there’s a translator right there.

    Not Pictured: Giant pile of shoes on the floor.

    I should do some tidying up of my own, but the thought of piling all my clothes up on the bed is scary. I could be crushed. I already know I have a lot (too many) clothes and I have no desire to see it all stacked up in one place. I totally get the idea behind it, though. Maybe that can be a spring break project.

    The books and papers part is a different animal, altogether. I’m a book and paper packrat. I am so seriously sentimental about notes and books and handwritten things. I have a box of old letters that go back to when I was in 7th or 8th grade. And I need all my books.

    I like watching shows like this because it makes me feel better about my own clutter and mess. See? I’m just like everyone else! Some of these people are worse than me! It’s awesome. And then I clean things. Win/win!! (Except that closet. I’m not cleaning that.)

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    Back, Again

    World Domination, but First, How Do You SSH?

    So, it’s been awhile. Things have changed with WordPress since I was last here. The upgrade alone took me almost all day. That was after I had to figure out how to get ssh and sftp working on my website. I’m a little out of practice. I persevered, however, and here we are again – at least until I forget to post for another 5 years.

    Fifteen, good lord

    This one is 15 now. I’m super old. We had a photo shoot because we were bored one weekend. She’s finally turned into a pretty willing model, just so long as I don’t take forever to get things up.

    I have some new things going on at work, too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update about some of that next time.

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    On Prom and Cat the Ripper…

    My middle son went to Prom last night. This was my second foray in the tuxedo renting, dress color matching, flower buying, photo taking high school ritual. He’ll get another chance next year, when he’s a senior, and that one will make me feel even older because it will be *his* prom. And then there will be that whole graduating thing, which I’m choosing not to think about today.

    I rented a lens for the occasion – the 24-70L II – and it’s very nice. I could get used to having this on my camera all the time. It’s a great “walking around” lens, but ouch levels of expensive, so I’ll have to settle for renting. I get to enjoy it for another week and I might extend the rental a little bit. I could always sell my 24-105L, but that wouldn’t even get me half of what I’d need to buy the other one. i would love to make the switch one of these days. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something.

    The new kitten has firmly established her place in the household. She is an absolute shit, but is so completely adorable about it that we love her anyway. Even the big cat is coming around. Sort of. Or maybe she’s just found a way to take out all her kitten-related aggression and frustration. In the last week, we’ve found 5 bird murder victims on the patio, another 3 or 4 in the back yard, plus a couple of field mouse fatalities. I think that classifies it as a “spree”. My cat is a serial killer.

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    Bad at Blogging

    Yes, I’m bad at blogging. We’ve established this. Let’s skip all the promises to be better, blah blah, and move along to the new stuff, shall we?

    So, I’ve acquired this asshole.


    I know, I know, she looks cute and cuddly and adorable. She is all those things. She’s also DETERMINED to be filthy all the time. ALL THE TIME. She can’t seem to navigate the litter box and steps in her own poop every single time. Then, immediately after I clean her up, she jumps right back in. If she does manage to stay poop free for a few minutes, she will submerge her entire head into the cat food (the soft kind, with the really stinky “gravy”). Did I mention that she really likes to cuddle with me after she does these things? Oh, she does. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m her mother and should groom her clean or something. So, I bathe her and we start the cycle all over again.


    I found her at work. Her mother abandoned her last week. She seems to be about a month old and didn’t understand eating solid food the first couple of days, hence the soft food. She definitely has it down now, though. The dog is completely enamored. The other cat, not so much. She still needs a name. Somehow, poopfoot doesn’t seem very feminine, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something appropriate.