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    Back, Again

    World Domination, but First, How Do You SSH?

    So, it’s been awhile. Things have changed with WordPress since I was last here. The upgrade alone took me almost all day. That was after I had to figure out how to get ssh and sftp working on my website. I’m a little out of practice. I persevered, however, and here we are again – at least until I forget to post for another 5 years.

    Fifteen, good lord

    This one is 15 now. I’m super old. We had a photo shoot because we were bored one weekend. She’s finally turned into a pretty willing model, just so long as I don’t take forever to get things up.

    I have some new things going on at work, too. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update about some of that next time.

  • life, in general,  sitey

    Themed Again

    I’ve been searching all day for a theme I like and I think this is it. I’m sure I’ll be playing around with the features and the order of things, but all in all this one suits me. It came from elegantthemes.com. I don’t normally do the paid theme thing, but I just couldn’t find a free one that fit all my wants/needs. I’m far too lazy to make my own this weekend. One of these days, I might, but for now I this is pretty close to perfect.

    Its been a dreary, rainy day and I’m still battling the last dregs of laryngitis – a perfect day to veg around on the computer or watch netflix on my tablet. The laundry can wait until tomorrow.